ANTHOLOGY 12" Vinyl (Absent) /50

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PLEASE NOTE: LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON - DUE TO LIMITED QUANTITIES. Orders with more than one per person will be refunded.

Limited to 50.  Album art and vinyl layout by Loudsonic.

Clear 12" vinyl w/ yellow blob and black splatter.


Side A:

1. Excerpt

2. Hypnos

3. Descensus

4. Spiral

5. Vermin

6. Devoid

Side B:

7. Present: Precursor (feat. Taylor Barber of Left to Suffer)

8. Vanta Black (feat. Ricky Hoover of Ov Sulfur)

9. Our Scars (feat. Kyle Anderson of Brand of Sacrifice)

10. A Plague (feat. Jake Wolf of Reflections)

11. Absent: Post (feat. Chad Kapper of Frontierer & Charlie PS)


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